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Formation Date:1991
Land area:86600.00
Government Form:Federal Republic
Head of State:Heyd?r ?liyev

Azerbaijan has been under consecutive Persian, Ottoman, and Russian influence through out its existence. It was part of the USSR from 1920, until independence in 1991.

The flag dates back to the brief period of Azerbaijani independence between 1918-1920 and replaces the one used in the Soviet era. The white crescent and eight-pointed star were intentionally similar to the emblem on the Turkish flag, because Turkey has traditionally been an ally of the country. The eight points on the flag’s star stand for the eight groups of Turkic-speaking peoples; the Azeris (Azerbaijanis), Ottomans, Jagatais (Jagatays), Tatars (variation of Tartars), Kazakhs, Kipchaks, Seljuks, and Turkomans.

The colors of the flag represent the Turkic world (blue), contemporary life (red) and the Islamic religion (green). The crescent and star combination is the symbol of Islam.